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We are a Brazilian design office, specialized in providing services to cabinet and carpentery companies.


Founded in 2016, our mission is to meet our clients' project demands with excellence, improving their processes and results, at a low cost, providing economy and quality.


Our team is made up of experienced, committed interior designers and architects.


We believe in and follow values such as professionalism, responsibility, commitment and transparency.


We believe that when starting a partnership, we become part of the mechanism that drives our clients' business and we understand this responsibilities, therefore we seek to carefully understand each demand to provide personalized and efficient service.


3D Digital Disgners is a pioneering company in this type of remote service provision, and our focus is on quality, agility and constant improvement, always aiming to satisfy our customers, partners and employees.


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Design & 3D Models

Space planning, design and 3d model presentations.

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Shop drawings

Shop drawings productions and necessary ajusts and revisions , include top views, views, inside views, sections and details!

We can use our standard representation or follow one you already have.



Realistic images of the project's main perspectives




Our contracts are for 6, 12 and 24 months,

Any of the plans can be canceled without penalty with one month's notice.



All communication is done via messaging on apps and email,
This way we have all the historical information and dates, ensuring transparency and quality in the provision of the service



When we begin providing the service, the client will be directed to a project coordinator and his team of designers, this team will be responsible for fulfilling this contract.

Projetcs & reviews.png

Projects & Reviews

Our team prepares the project following the requests and information received, and sends it for analysis and approval.

It is common for something to change or be added during the process, so if modifications are necessary, no problem, just request a review via WhatsApp and we will adjust the deadline and carry it out.



Project requests are emailed to your respective team.

In a short time, the responsible coordinator will contact you via skype or email to confirm receipt and clarify any doubts related to the project.

Projetc Deliveries.jpg

Deadlines & Project Deliveries 

Deadlines are calculated by environment and complexity, on average we can consider one to two environments

per day in each contract.

After approval of the project, we make the files available

to the client in all formats. PDF, CAD and SKT.

Shipping can be done via WhatsApp and email

We also provide a drive with exclusive access where the client's entire project history is archived by date and can be accessed from anywhere, just via the internet.



Save money

Savings of 40 to 60 % compared to a local designer.



Projects carried out by experienced designers.



Projects delivered in 1 to 3 days!

On average, we produce 35 environments per month per contract.



Casa Petrus - Miami FL

3D digital designers have provided us with a great service!

Here at the company we have a great demand for projects, we decided to hire the service to support our designer,

She is responsible for coordinating this part of the projects with them!

With their help we improved our productivity, we started with one contract and currently have three!

They have served us well, especially regarding deadlines.


Build That Way - Los Angeles CA

We met 3D digital designers on the recommendation

of a friend!

At that time we were having some problems with our old designer, so I decided to contact them to find out about their service!

In the first contact, the representative was very cordial and attentive, explained well about the company's services, offered me a free project for experience, we really liked it, since then we have been working together!

Due to the practicality, quality and support, we can say that it is worth it for us!


Hipe - Boston MA

We are a small company, our projects were hand drawn!

We decided to invest in digital 3D to professionalize this part at a low cost!

We are very satisfied, it meets our demand perfectly.


1 973-536-2758

Thanks for submitting!

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